5 Must-Do Treks around Mumbai

Trekking is not a activity that everybody likes.On the other hand, we have television which everyone relishes. Ask yourself, what’s better? You’re right. So get off your comfortable sofas and head to these 9 amazing treks to explore the nature and embrace the beauty of the wilderness.


One of my favourite trekking locations. The long hike to the top is worth the view from Konkan Kada. Also, the options of scaling other peaks after reaching the summit adds brownie points to this place. Best enjoyed when you spend a night up there in the caves or set yourself a tent.



This is one of the toughest treks in the Sahyadri.Dense forests and little population make it even more challenging. The 3 forts are adjacent to each other but require separate climbs. The Madan fort is the toughest of them all. Located in Nashik district, this is a must do for all hardcore trek lovers.



The most magnificent canyon in the Sahyadris, this 200 feet valley is quite different from all other treks there are out here. A combination of adventure and trekking, this trekking experience is enhanced by setting up a tent and looking up the stars at night.I The trekking starts from Samrad village near Bhandardhara.

sandhan valley


The highest peak in Maharashtra, this is to be scaled just so you can tick off a Bucket List point. A matter of pride to scale this peak. Its not tough as the rest of the  peaks in Sahyadris but certainly not the easiest. The feeling of being at the top of Maharashtra is one you don’t want to miss.



A favorite for a lot of trekkers out there simply because its close to Lonavala. A perfect weekend getaway which culminates in a breathtaking view from the top of the fort.


There are a lot of other treks that could not make the list but that certainly means they aren’t good. With a plethora of trekking opportunities in the Sahyadris, I consider myself lucky to be resident of Mumbai. Ample opportunities are provided for trekking enthusiasts to go these excursions.

Some of the good trek organizers are given below. I personally, like to organise treks myself and explore it along with friends or fellow trekkers.If you aren’t fond of organized tours feel free to contact me and we can plan a trek.




Till next time, travel safe 🙂


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