Top 5 things to NOT take on a Trip

So you’re planning a trip and have made up a list of things to take with you on the to-be-Awesome trip.Wait !!…Have a look at the 5 things listed below and strike it out of your list or drop the word AWESOME when you describe the trip.
TravelKien compiles a list of the top 5 DONT’s for a trip.After a expansive survey (Thank You Whatsapp), I’ve come to know what annoys people to the core when packing for a trip.

Got some bizarre things that one should not take on a trip.My guts hurt laughing when reading some of them.Before I give you my Top 5,take a look at some of the most outrageous suggestions I received.Don’t carry petrol,else you might burn someone if he annoys you.One of my friends suggested that you should keep grandmothers at home.I am still trying to figure that out.From explosive materials and pistols to upset stomachs,a comb to neighbor’s kids one should keep all these at home.

1.iPod or any such electronic item that plays music
A more apt title would be earphones.Remember,you’ve come on a trip with people you love.Don’t be so selfish and plug those rubber pieces in your ears to ‘cut yourself from the world’. The trip is exactly for that.It gives you the opportunity to bond with people.It gives you the TIME that you don’t have in your normal lives.But do take some music along.There’s nothing better than bringing out the DJ in you and dancing and swaying to the beats of some pretty “BASSic music”.

2.Snacks and loads and loads of food !!!
Some people have already started disagreeing with me on this point.Let me explain. Food is a big part of any culture.Experience food the way the locals do.There is no need to take bags full of chaklis,theplas and other chatpata namkeens with you.You get EVERYTHING when you visit a place.People there also eat food.They aren’t aliens.Taste is very subjective.I agree.But you can always get it customized to your taste if you just can’t have something spicy or something too sweet.

3.The Whiny Friend
We all have that one person in the group who is hell bent on making us do everything he wants to do.And worse,cancel the plan altogether.Ditch the friend and go take a trip.Such people are as useless as a used toilet paper when it comes to trips.You don’t want someone eating your brains 24×7 giving ‘suggestions’. Girlfriends also formed a part of many peoples list and I agree.But that shall be discussed in a later post.

4.HEAVY Luggage
You aren’t participating in STRONGMAN championship.Keep your bag light.Carry only minimalist things.There’s no need to carry more than a couple of jeans when you wear the same pair at home for 2 weeks.Don’t carry sweatshirts in a beach like place just in case you feel cold.Don’t carry bagfuls of shoes.Its not a fashion parade.Its a trip.Not the Lakme Fashion Week.Some helpful tips would be to keep your towel at home.Hotels always provide you with one.This saves a lot of space.Wear your shoes while traveling and keep your slippers in the bag.

5.Social Media
If you want to carry your phone,carry the 1100 types.Strong and sturdy.For gods sake,please don’t immerse yourself in the world of social media when you are on a vacation.Most people don’t know how to use social media .They cross the line and make it their life.I personally hate it.A constant twiddling of thumbs will surely bite you one day.One advice to the social media addicts: Go on a vacation in role playing games.You are better off there.Don’t insult the people who have come on your trip by not interacting with them.

Life is beautiful out there.You just need to look beyond the horizon.The people with you on a vacation mean more to you than most others.That’s why you’re on a trip with them.Enjoy those moments.You crave for a vacation just to ruin it by not appreciating the beauty that surrounds you.

Till next time,Travel Safe 🙂