7 Days. 7 States

There is much more beauty in our country than we can possibly imagine.Just because we stay in the West it doesn’t mean there is nothing in the East. You don’t always need to go to South-East Asia to enjoy. Our very own country offers a wide variety of cultures and sites to enjoy.

Nestled in the tiny corner of country,often overshadowed by the mighty Bengal, are 7 little states begging for attention. India’s neglected child, they are sure to be the pride of our country. Just like the dyslexic child of Taare Zameen Par turned out to be a genius.

North-East India boasts a lot about its tribal cultures and festivals. A culture that seems to be lost elsewhere in our country except in the Andamans. Let me take you on a journey to the majestic lands of the North-East.

Day 1

Today’s state is Nagaland. With 16 tribes living in this land of diversity,make sure you don’t miss out on the Hornbill Festival that takes place in the 1st week of December every year.Showcasing the its stunning beauty and rich heritage,the Hornbill Festival is one of the highlights of Nagaland.

Travelkien Tip : If visiting in other months there are other festivals that you can witness as well…


Day 2

Vantawang Falls, Mizoram
A tiny little state lives peacefully within its borders.
Not frequened by tourists due to lack of amenties,its still worth visiting to see the Durtlang Hills,Barra Bazaar or the state Museum…

If you want to be surprised, visit Bakyawng village where Pu Ziona lives with the world’s largest existing family…39 wives, 94 children, 14 daughters-in-law and 33 grandchildren!!!


Day 3


Unakoti literally means 1 less than a crore…or 99,99,999….
These rock carvings in Tripura date back to atleast the 7th Century…Huge carvings of Lord Shiv, Lord Ganesh and many more can be found here with the largest Shiva carving going as high as 30ft.!!!…

There are 2 legends associated with these carvings.The one I personally like is where a sculptor named Kallu wanted to go to Kailah Parbat with Shiv-Parvati. A reluctant Lord Shiv agreed if Kallu could carve 1 crore rocks in a night. Toiling hard through the night, Kallu managed 1 less than a crore and sensing a opportunity to get rid of him, Lord Shiv left him there with the carved rocks.Image

Day 4

Double Decker Living Root Bridge, Meghalaya.

Ingenious thinking by the tribals living near the wettest place on earth -Cherapunji.
These bridges are literally grown by the locals as and when required. Whenever there is need to make a bridge the roots of the trees are guided to a straight path and then given time to grow to the other side where they attach themselves to the soil. Over the years they become stronger and stronger. So strong are these bridges that they can carry 50 people at a time as well. Of all the bridges, this one stands out for being a ‘double decker’ bridge.


Day 5

Loktak Lake,Manipur

A short drive from capital Imphal,the Loktak Lake is the largest freshwater lake in North-East India.
It is popularly known as the ‘Floating Lake’ because of the innumerable phumdis floating in it.Phumdis are floating masses of vegetation that are decomposing. Some of them have houses built on them.Its a popular tourist destination and surely an experience of a lifetime. A pricey room has an attached cafeteria as well.


Day 6

Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh

One of the most beautiful places to visit in the North-East, Tawang is a traveller’s paradise.Lots of places unexplored, roads never traversed, Tawang makes for a wonderful vacation spot. The Tawang Monastery is a breathtaking site to visit.

TravelKien Tip : If you love trekking , then is the place to be. Virgin lands and landscapes that make the camera drool, this is one place every trekker should visit.


Day 7

Kaziranga National Park, Assam

Culminating the journey through North-East with a spectacular National Park…The Kaziranga is one of the best national parks in India. It is home to the Great One-horned Rhinoceroses, one of the fiercest of its kind. Take a safari in the park and try spotting some tigers and rhino among many other animals in the wild.


Next time on TravelKien : A dear friend of mine has very warmly agreed to share her South African odyssey. Cape Town, Georgetown and Johannesburg. TravelKien is to show you the world through a traveller’s eyes and my friend here has written a beautiful piece of her sojourns in South Africa. The charm of this African nation will leave you mesmerized. The article is coming soon…

Till then Travel safe..:)


2 thoughts on “7 Days. 7 States

  1. Its not an comparison. Its targeted at those people who believe that foreign land is always better than the Indian soil. It helps them in maintaining their ‘Status’

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